Thursday, March 25, 2010


How to Find a Stockbroker

The Australian Stock Exchange's "Find a Broker" service is a great place to start your search for a stockbroker...

ASX Find a Broker page
It provides a list of brokers and their Web addresses based on criteria you select, such as location and the type of securities traded.

If you're after an online broker, you can do an in depth comparison of the features and pricing of a range of brokers using a handy interactive tool on the InfoChoice site...

InfoChoice online brokers comparison page
Once you've identified some likely candidates, I recommend you give them a call and try out their customer service. You'll want to find outWith a full-service broker there are some additional things you'll want to consider:You may even want to select both a discount and a full-service broker - using the discount broker when you know exactly what you want to buy, and the full-service broker when you need some advice on share selection.

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