Saturday, July 22, 2006


The TRUTH About The Share Market... Aussie Investor Spills His Guts!

Hello World! ... and welcome to my blog.

Driven by an irrational desire to divulge the (possibly questionable) knowledge I've gained over the years about share trading and investing, I've decided to make my debut in the blogosphere.

This blog will be about all things to do with making money on the Australian Stock Market - whether by investing in shares, trading stocks, or trading options (my particular speciality).

Yes, this is a blog by an Aussie, for Australians. Ain't it the truth that most of the information we get about stock trading on the 'net comes from the good ol' US of A and is often, shall we say, a little bit hypey and sales-oriented.

As in, "buy my one-in-a-million super secret DVD set of never-before-revealed insider trading secrets, and you too can be a squillionaire before next Tuesday". Stock market investing just seems to be one of those areas that attracts a lot of "get rich quick" hucksters.

So, tired of having my BS-o-meter maxing out, I'm going to try to provide you with a "fair dinkum" resource about success on the share market - Yep, I'm declaring a hype-free zone!

Some of the posts will be referring you to existing resources on the 'net that I've found useful, some will be throwing in my own two cents worth, some will just be interesting stories or articles I've come across. Hopefully, someone out there will be reading and may even get some benefit from it - anyway, we'll see how we go.

Before I go on, let me say this (ASIC please pay attention) :
I am NOT a licensed financial planner, advisor or finance professional of any kind. I'm just sharing my interests and experiences in stock investing for your entertainment/education. I'm NOT recommending any specific trading strategy or any type of investment at all. See a licensed financial planner before doing anything whatsoever with your own money. Or to put it another way...

If you lose money on the stock market, it's YOUR fault not mine :-)

OK, I feel much better having got that off my chest.

Cheerio, and stand by for post number two...

P.S. Comments to this blog are more than welcome, but will be moderated - don't want any nasty spammers creeping in (hype-free zone, remember). So if you post a comment, it is most appreciated, but give it a day or two before it shows up on the blog.


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